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Making Process of Carpet.

Selection of Wool.

The wool for all of our Oriental rugs is chosen from the best available variety all around the world. Special care is applied to obtain extra long fiber to give additional strength and a longer life to the rug.

Dyeing of Wool.

Fast non-toxic chemical dyes are used for the majority of our carpets. Vegetable (natural) dyes are used for Afghani rugs to give them a natural luster and sheen.


Design serves as the building block of a carpet. It is drawn on a graph paper and watercolors are used for the color combination. It is then, translated into the weavers' code language called ‘Talim', which gives life to the designers creation.

nd Knots.

The weavers, weave their soul and character into the carpet they construct, therefore, each hand knotted carpet depicts a nature of its own. Each knot is woven with utmost care and excellence to give you the very best.

uality Control.

Hand made Oriental rugs can contain faults. Each Oriental rug is carefully screened and scrutinized for weaving and other faults, and only the best carpets are offered for sale.

ashing with Chemicals.

Washing of the carpet is another laborious task, spanning over a four to five days of step-by-step process, using different chemicals, brings out the natural color and shine of the weavers creation.

un Drying after Washing.

The next phase is of drying all carpets in the sun to give them the ultimate look that will adorn your dwelling.

lipping after Drying.

After sun drying the carpets undergo the clipping phase. This process imparts an equivalent look to the wool. It is an inevitable process, which is responsible for enhancing the details of the hand woven carpet’s design and its colors.


Stretching is applied to straighten the rug. Not every carpet has to go through this process. Different methods are used to make this process as effective as possible.

utting new ends and 'Kinaras'.

Fringes are tied a knot at the end to impart durability to the carpet and to ensure life long use of the hand made carpet.

inal Product.

It takes a few words to describe the final product.“ A Divine Contemplation, woven by human hands”
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